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EVALCOM began operating in June 2004 under the title of “Colombia Credit Reports Ltda”. Our first product was credit risk assessment, by 2005 we started offering supplier assessment services, in order to provide our customers with a complete support in such areas as credit, portfolio (list of clients), procurement (purchasing) and contracting. Up to date we provide our services to several companies in different economical areas, namely, telecommunications, hydrocarbon field, banking, insurance sector, supermarkets, civil works, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and others.



EVALCOM SAS is a specialized company in commercial risk assessment that offers reliable information to businesses about the operations of their suppliers using it as a tool for the standardization of behavioral guidelines and commercial performance with their strategic partners and staff.

Day to day, we are working to develop and accomplish what we believe is the widest and most visionary approach in the business community: reliability, thus, providing all the elements of outer and inner information which will be able to improve the companies risk management process in their business operations.



By 2017, EVALCOM SAS seeks to be acknowledged, in the business community, as the best identification services company, measurement and commercial risk assessment, giving our customers updated, timely, truthful, and reliable information about their suppliers, with flexible testing criteria according to your needs, so, your allies join your corporate philosophy in order to significantly promote the development of your business operations.

Company values


Honesty: we offer a flexible service which adapts to our customers’ needs, proceeding with accuracy, wholeness, and clarity.

Responsibility: we take on the commitment of giving updated, timely, truthful, and reliable information, carrying out on time our duty of coverage, abidance and quality.

Communication: we endeavor to meet the requirements and needs of our customers; we are applied to check out the information requested in each process.

Respect: we listen, understand and value your opinion, looking for harmony in our interpersonal, working and trade relationships.

Accomplishment: tasks in a harmonized and disciplined way, to maximize time in order to achieve what was planned and targets and goals of the departments and the organization.

Reliability: we carry out the vested agreements, by providing complete services with competitive costs in the market.

Commitment: we proceed in a united way, taking on roles with professionalism, tasks or values which make it easier achieving the mission of our company.

Wholeness policy HSEQ

politicas calidad 

EVALCOM SAS is a company committed to offer identification, measurement and assessment of commercial risk services, providing to our customers updated, timely, truthful, and reliable information about your suppliers at national and international standards, with supple assessment criteria according to your needs and particular requirements.

The management of the company is directed to satisfy continually our customers, in order to do that, we pursue the persistent improvement in our performance by strengthening the proficiency of personnel resources, control and wholeness of the information, standardization of processes and meeting the legal requirements applicable to the rendered services and further services arranged with suppliers, customers, controlling entities, and community.

Finally, we foster a company culture within our organization which focuses on the quality of service, protection of natural resources, and safe working conditions, and suitable working environment for our employees at all stages in the organization.